As with the previous information we guarantee that the products get into the hands of buyers across the UKs leading retailers. You are also provided feedback from the buyers around what they thought to your product form our multi-point survey. Alongside this, we provide a brochure which is included in every send that outlines the key information that the buyers are looking for, ensuring they have all the key information. Finally, we offer various packages which include leaflet drops, email sends, blog features and more, ensuring your brand gets maximum visibility with buyers.

We have a range of packages depending on what level of exposure you would like. This ranges from an inclusion in the box to extra pages in the brochure, leaflet drops in the box, multiple inclusions throughout the year, emails, blog inclusions and even solo box sends.

This varies per category, please feel free to look at “categories we cover” and see what retailers we work with in what categories.

We have 1-month packages, which means if chosen to be in a category box, we work with you to ensure you get maximum visibility in that one box. We do have the option of a multi box inclusion, which spans across a 6- and 12-month period.

We work with a range of categories and we are always looking to expand our categories too. We want to help buyers and great brands to connect with each other across as many categories as possible. Please see “categories we cover” to find out if we currently work with your category.

Some retailers are looking for small, artisan brands. This will completely depend on the retailer and the direction of their category. Of course there are a number of points you should consider if looking to go into major retail, such as being able to keep up with manufacturing volumes, being able to market your brand inside and outside of the retailer, being able to work with the retailer on promotions etc.

The Buyers Discovery Club earn no commissions from successful listings, unless you decide you want our parent company The Good Food Group to represent your brand. If your product is successfully chosen by a buyer and you end up launching into that retailer, through your pitch process and discussions directly following the buyer’s discovery club, we don’t take any commissions. If you need help pitching your product to the retailer and building a solid sales plan for the retailer, our parent company The Good Food Group have the ability to work with you and manage the sales process and account going forward, which would be a separate agreement.

We try to ensure that each month provides complete variety across the product types for buyers, which means we try our best to ensure that your product is unique within the monthly offering, if successfully chosen. We cannot guarantee that this is the case however, as we based our product selection on what buyers are currently looking for in the market. If there is a specific request for 1 type of product, we may feature more than one of those products, but we do still try and provide absolute contrast of brands.

We have incredible success rates from The Buyers Discovery Club. Every month since its inception, every category has had listings discussions with at least 1 brand featured in the box. Now that’s impressive! The Buyers Discovery Club has been the route for many brands now being listed in major UK retailers. Our previous months success rate was 75% of all brands featured, leading to a major retailer listing discussion (Next steps).

This depends on the category, as each category varies in the number of buyers that are included in the club. This currently ranges between 16 – 32 buyers for a single category.

Yes, we work with various categories and are always looking to open more. Go to “Categories we cover” on our Supplier page to find out more.

We need samples sent into the team to assess the products, as well as a completed questionnaire to help us to assess your brand and products for the category.

This is completely down to your preference. We tend to work 2-3 months in advance as we talk to hundreds of brands each month. We will assess your brand vs other brands and products sent into us for the closest available send out.

We only want to include products which are in a finished format. We cannot include products that are not complete and/or won’t be available in the market. We can however include products which are part of a wider business, to get feedback from buyers to understand if there are any developments to be made to make it a success.

IF successfully chosen, we include your products within the box, include you within a brochure that goes into the box and also include you in a digital brochure. This allows you to get the key parts of your brand across as well as allowing further marketing space.

We work with over 400 buyers across our total network. Our parent company has a strong history of working with retail buyers across a wide range of categories. We currently manage brands and products in major UK retailers, with understanding of what the buyers are looking for in their category. We work with retailers on a consultative approach, ensuring we are up to date with each category product strategy.

The Buyers Discovery Club was set up in 2020, following the successful growth of The Good Food Group, established in 2018.

Covid-19 has hit category range reviews and also buyers’ priorities hard. Now more than ever, buyers are looking for partners like ourselves, to help them in sourcing the next big brand, as we become a part of a buyers NPD tool kit. Like many businesses across the UK, Retail buyers are working mainly from home, which means it’s more difficult than ever for brands to get their products in front of buyers, which is why we deliver 80% of our boxes to buyer’s home addresses.


We work with buyers and category managers to ensure we understand what the long-term strategy is for product development for certain retailers in certain categories.

Alongside brands reaching out to us directly, we have our team sourcing products in the UK, Europe and beyond. The team have decades of experience with FMCG, on both product development, sales… and even as buyers for the UK’s largest retailers.

Before we proceed with sending any products, our team do a consultation with yourself to understand what product types you are looking for in your category strategy. Everything we send into you will match the criteria set out by yourself, which means every box includes products that will be what you are looking for. We then send a box into you, alongside a brochure to show you further information on the brands and products included.

We arrange a 30 minute discovery call with yourself and/or your wider team. This is a seamless and straight forward process of The Buyer’s Discovery Club understanding your requirements, category strategy objectives, growth areas, areas of concern and more. We then put this into our brand matching system and ensure that you only see brands that meet your requirements.

We have many checks that we run on the brands during the brand assessment phase. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Regulatory checks regarding key claims
  • Company size (turnover and staff)
  • Manufacturing site – UK based or abroad? How many sites do the products come out of, opportunity to bring into UK and lead times (if not in the UK)
  • Current retailers
  • Company trading history
  • Ingredients – for red flags
  • Delivery formats differences
  • Factory standards
  • Hygiene and shrinkage factors – materials used, shelf life etc
  • Sustainability objectives
  • Payment terms
  • Testing methods; consumer panel, 3rd party
  • Logistics – direct to retailer, Distributor, lead times

If we are not working with the retailer on a category strategy direction, then yes, the products will likely cross between retailers. There is the opportunity for multiple retailers to discover a brand that matches what they are trying to achieve. For example, a product that launched into 4 retailers since entering the box, 2 of the retailers wanted the brand to be listed in another major retailer before moving ahead to ensure the brand has coverage. This works both ways. By working on a category specific direction, The Buyer’s Discovery Club are able to offer “Just for you” products, which align with the retailer and category direction. This is a question that our team would put towards the buying team / category director when going through the consultation discussion.

Yes, we offer multiple means of communication for feedback. This includes an online survey sent by email, the online survey using QR codes on the brochure, a physical survey form along with a self address envelope and finally the opportunity to provide your feedback on the phone with one of our team.

No, there is no requirement from buyers who are part of the Buyer’s Discovery Club, only that you try the products included, assess the information provided and then provide feedback on the brands included. If you want to discuss a product or brand further, we also ask that you engage with the follow up conversation regarding the brand.

No, the club has complete flexibility. If you no longer want to receive the discovery club, you just let us know that you wish to stop the subscription. Likewise, if you change category, let us know and we can set up a consultation call to understand more around your category objectives and begin to help you to discover new brands within your new category.

We provide confirmation to the brand and we share the details in order to begin a pitch process. In many cases, The Good Food Group Retail Agency will manage this process to ensure you receive all the information you need and provide a trusted service for launching and managing the brand in your stores. The Good Food Group operates an experienced retail agency, with many brands listing across categories in retail across the UK, you are in trusted hands.

The Good Food group are integrated into many distributors who service all categories and retailers in the UK. If you highlight this requirement within the consultation process, we can ensure you only receive brands that have access to distributors you work with.

Getting started is easy.