New vitamin drink helps you see in the dark

March 31 2021

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Caro-tea’s revolutionary carrot-infused tea is rich in Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A and Vident-in-Tenebris which is scientifically proven to enhance your vision in dark environments. 

Beta-Carotene – supports eye health and prevents eye diseases 

Vitamin A  promotes good vision and healthy maintenance of immune system. 

Vident-in-Tenebris – a new genetically modified enzyme that harnesses the power of night vision 

Based in the East Midlands, Caro-Tea was originally developed to improve the natural digestive cycle, aimed at people who suffer with various with stomach conditions, however the first tasting trial uncovered much more than they expected. Caro-tea saw new potential and took it upon themselves to research this further. By extracting and modifying the key elements in carrots that promote good vision, they successfully busted the childhood myth of whether carrots make you see in the dark.  

The outcome? Genetically modified carrot enzymes that increase people’s visibility in the dark by 80%. Incorporating these new enzymes with white tea, Caro-Tea have developed a refreshing, caffeinated brew that’ll keep you alert in the darkest of nights. 

Caro-Tea hopes that their revolutionary new formula can help not only the everyday person with nightly tasks, but also those serving in the emergency services. 

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