Shore Seaweed: A Buyer’s Discovery Club Success Story

March 17 2021

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Shore Seaweed, are just one of the many amazing brands Buyer’s Discovery Club has worked with and secured listings for.

Who are Shore Seaweed?

SHORE launched back in 2016, specialising in premium Scottish seaweed. They are proud to be based in Wick, in the far North East of Scotland. This is one of the UK’s most remote communities.

Shore Seaweed Chips

What is unique about SHORE, and what made it stand out to buyers?

SHORE’s seaweed is proudly hand picked, then washed and dried at low temperatures. Their products are left bursting with minerals, antioxidants and good for your gut fibre.

Their unique plant-based range, including seaweed chips and clusters offer customers thrilling new flavours as well as many health-benefits.

SHORE’s experience and success with The Buyer’s Discovery Club:

SHORE became a featured brand for The Buyer’s Discovery Club back in August 2020, proving a huge hit with many buyers. As a result, they now work directly with The Good Food Group.

Through getting in the box and going through Buyer’s Discovery Club, SHORE got their products in front of key retailers. This gained them invaluable feedback and began opening up amazing opportunities.

Where can you find SHORE’s products?

Their products are already stocked in Sainsbury’s throughout Scotland and in their future brand aisle. You can also find SHORE in Co-op Scotland and Co-op regional UK. As well as, any day now they are launching into Holland and Barrett.

Discussions are also being held with multiple other retailers- an exciting year for SHORE!

If this success story has inspired you to take your brand to the next level and secure retail listings, then start your journey today with The Buyer’s Discovery Club.


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